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A new year, a new life


We are leaving behind us a year filled with experiences and heading toward 2014 with renewed energy, to continue fighting for our dreams

A new year, a new life

2014 is almost here, a new year that is waiting to be discovered. It holds many emotions in store for us as well as new projects to be undertaken and many hopes and dreams that have yet to be fulfilled.

This past year, many women decided to embark on the road to motherhood, alone or with their partners. Today, some of them have achieved this and others are still trying to do so with optimism and excitement after having made the most important decision in their lives: that of being a mum.

During this coming year, many women will also want to take this path and others will continue trying to fulfil their dreams. We praise and encourage each of them for their perseverance and send them our best wishes, in the hope that their plans will materialise. For Eugin has already assisted more than fifteen thousand women and we feel extremely happy and proud to be able to carry on doing this. So let us start the year with renewed energy, to help women fulfil their dreams.

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