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Will assisted reproduction change my personality?


They become people who are stronger, more determined and prepared to face the everyday as well as the challenges that life has in store

Assisted reproduction undoubtedly changes the personality of women who resort to it. The couple also changes and motherhood will be marked by the fact that the parents struggled to bring it about, to have a family and obtain their little bundle of joy. And this struggle has positive points, even if it is hard to accept when we are midway through treatment.

If we really think about it, and just like many other things in life, it isn’t so unusual not to achieve something the first time we try. Failures in treatments allow the couple to think through the baby project. In this way, couples that have undergone an assisted reproduction process in order to have a baby, find that the desire to become parents has become a genuine desire for both of them, which has been thought through and isn’t as instinctive as it may have been at first. We are talking about a close-knit and stronger couple who have shared difficult times, who have learned to support each other and express their feelings. It is a couple that takes time for themselves and that feels less overwhelmed by the small details of everyday life.

The couple has lived through so many failures that their happiness is immense when the pregnancy is confirmed. They are fully aware of the miracle that is happening and the treasure that has finally seen the light. While all pregnancies are precious, couples who become parents through assisted reproduction are even more aware of this. The discomfort of the pregnancy may not be so bad. On the contrary, it is pure happiness!

On an individual level, they become people who are stronger, more determined and prepared to face the everyday as well as the challenges that life has in store. They become tolerant in the face of new adversities. They distinguish what really matters in life from what doesn’t … The one of insignificant things that exists! After going through an assisted reproduction process, they embody optimism and remain positive in the face of what might happen. They appreciate the simple and ephemeral moments of the day to day. In general, they become happy people with another vision of life and existence. They have become aware that, by not controlling the right to give life, they cannot control life in general … Therefore they won’t be able to control death either, and so it is better to take full advantage of each and every day that life offers us.

These couples become wise before time. At the end of the day, assisted reproduction is a pretty promise and a beautiful gift. Often we will open that gift and there will be nothing inside. But eventually, one day there will be a wonderful gift, the precious treasure that we both longed and hoped for. Then, it will have even more value than the first gift…

Frédérique Vincent
After finishing her studies, Frédérique Vincent packs her bags and goes to England. While there, she meets her future husband. They marry in 2008. The months and years go by very quickly without any sign of pregnancy. At first, it doesn’t matter: they are very busy with their leisure time, sports, travel. Then the desire to have a child becomes an obsession. When fertility treatment begins, she decides to start writing her diary of an infertile woman. Very quickly, her circle encourages her to continue giving her testimony … She is currently a mother of three and author of La Promesse du mois, a book which serves as a testimony to infertility.

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