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Deciding to face a problem is a triumph in itself


Experts say it is best to share emotions and illusion when planning to become a mother. 

By S nova

By S nova

Considerable progress has been made in Assisted Reproductive technologies and they now offer important expectations. Almost two out of every three women who try to become pregnant achieve their objective.

In this type of treatment, emotions run very high and it is usual to experience ups and downs. Sometimes, difficulties arise which give rise to the impression that the objective is well-nigh impossible to achieve and lead to sensations of frustration, sadness or low self-esteem.

These feelings may appear at difficult times, even before starting the treatment. This is quite usual and is a normal human reaction that is almost inevitable. The best way to deal with this is to accept it; there is nothing negative about it and it is better to express your emotions than try to ignore them.

EUGIN Clinic has shared this experience with thousands of women from all over the world and its team of psychologists recommends women to express and share their feelings. “Our experience confirms that sharing your feelings with others helps you face the problem with optimism and renewed vigour. Sharing emotions gives you the opportunity to maintain and consolidate the exciting prospect of becoming a mother”.

Finding the right support when needed

It is not always easy to share such intimate feelings. In such situations, women usually feel misunderstood and even judged at certain times.

It is also quite normal to feel affected by comments made by relatives, such as “Don’t worry, there is no need to become obsessed with the problem” or “There’s nothing wrong with not having children”. These words seek to transmit hope, but in many cases, only achieve the opposite effect.

Our advice in this respect is to share your feelings with the persons around you who are more sensitive and better able to put themselves in the place of others. It is often easier to talk to an expert than to family and friends. That is quite usual and for this reason, EUGIN has a highly experienced team.

Our objective is to listen, understand and try to find the best way to make progress together.

Each person is different

Each person sees things differently and one person may react in different ways, depending on the moment in their lives.

Undergoing Assisted Reproductive therapy constitutes an exception situation in which it is becoming more and more usual to rely on the advice of an expert who will help you cope with your emotions. Our team is always available.

One of the most difficult situations is a potentially negative result in a pregnancy test. This is a possibility and one must be prepared for it. It is a difficult time which can be overcome. Each person has their own pace and we all need time to identify and control our emotions before continuing.

The EUGIN team is always nearby and willing to help each woman bear the emotional load that is inherent in this type of treatment.

We consider it essential for each woman to express her wish to receive support and share her emotions. Knowing that we can contribute to improving her state of mind and restore her illusion during difficult moments encourages us and is immensely rewarding in our daily work.

In short, we prefer to see the glass half full, and help our patients maintain their optimism and illusion in taking a decision that will have an enormous impact on their lives.

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    A reader of our blog has asked us the following question. Since we consider it to be of great interest, we are copying it here in full, translating the question and our response:

    Farhat says:
    Full support during the transfer process has an extremely beneficial effect on the results, since trust and serenity also play an important part. Even if the results are excellent, there is also a risk of failure.
    What is your stance in the event of a transfer failure? Do you provide psychological assistance? What is your position in this respect?

    EUGIN says:
    Many thanks for your comment, Fahrat.
    EUGIN has always paid great attention to supporting its patients and we have a team of psychologists who contact them directly if they have expressed their wish to receive emotional support at any time. Such an occasion could be a negative result following treatment.
    Offering our support and providing the most appropriate tools to overcome this situation is of primordial importance. We always try to help our patients maintain a constructive attitude. In fact the possibility of receiving assisted reproductive treatment in itself is a step further towards achieving this objective.
    In view of the importance of this question, to which we have always attached great relevance, during the next few days we will publish a post with a detailed explanation of what our psychological assistance is and when it is usually necessary.

    • doghri mongi

      vraiment exelent

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