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Letter to egg donors


There you are: life donors, exceptional women, admirable, sensitive and generous, who make us believe again in motherhood

When everything has been tried but nothing has worked, when nature is capricious, when time plays against us or when a disease does not allow us to naturally conceive a child, there you are, the egg donors: life donors, exceptional women, admirable, sensitive, supportive and generous, who make us believe again in motherhood. There are so many women waiting, distressed and depressed, for the call from the clinic that turns everything around … There are so many couples that live through this pain inwardly, in silence, which you succeed in silencing with a gesture when the door to a specialised centre is opened. You are the bearers of hope for those who, thanks to your generosity, will carry a life, a baby … and who will have a reason for being.

Dear and wonderful donors: this tiny particle, this fragile and touching sphere of life, the precious gift that you make to us, transforms us totally to become the centre of our lives. You do much more than help another woman: you save us from a long descent into hell. You can be proud. Thanks to you, I will be a mother, I will be a father, I give birth and I live again.

Dear donors, the mothers’ stars: you enlighten our nights eternally; you shine and glow forever in our hearts. From now onwards, you are there, with your noble act, and we, exultant parents, who, throughout our entire lives, will never be able to thank you enough.

Donating eggs is one of the most beautiful gestures you can offer someone. It is the beginning of a marvellous story and the end of a long nightmare. The donation of oocytes is awe-inspiring, immense, and magnificent. It is a thing of outstanding humaneness and within the reach of all hearts … And yet this gift is still rare, too rare, especially when it comes to the very essence of life.

To all these women who have already donated and to all the others who will donate their eggs so that a couple may know the happiness of being parents, I write this letter to thank you, even if these words are too lightweight to respond to all the joy you create.

Frédérique Vincent
After finishing her studies, Frédérique Vincent packs her bags and goes to England. While there, she meets her future husband. They marry in 2008. The months and years go by very quickly without any sign of pregnancy. At first, it doesn’t matter: they are very busy with their leisure time, sports, travel. Then the desire to have a child becomes an obsession. When fertility treatment begins, she decides to start writing her diary of an infertile woman. Very quickly, her circle encourages her to continue giving her testimony … She is currently a mother of three and author of La Promesse du mois, a book which serves as a testimony to infertility.

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