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Twins: a frequent wish


Twin gestation increases the possibility of pregnancy-related risks

Twins: a frequent wish

The wish to conceive is often accompanied by the excitement of possibly giving birth to twins. It is more likely that this wish will be fulfilled if assisted reproductive techniques are used, since it is possible to transfer more than one embryo with in vitro fertilisation treatment, in all cases based on the doctor’s recommendation.

The main objective of transferring more than one embryo is not to conceive twins but to increase the possibilities of becoming pregnant. However when more than one embryo is transferred, there is a greater chance of having more than one baby.

“The purpose of assisted reproduction is to conceive a healthy child”, says Dr. María Jesús López, Assisted Reproduction specialist at Eugin Clinic. “When a woman thinks of having twins, she imagines how nice it would be to have two babies at home without considering the specific aspects of this type of pregnancy”, she adds. “All pregnancies have certain risks”, affirms Dr. López, “but in the case of twin gestation, these risks increase, and so it is necessary to evaluate each case before the embryo transfer”.

“Today, the habitual monitoring of twin gestation makes it feasible from the medical standpoint, continues Dr. López. “But the best option is still a single pregnancy”, she adds.

A maximum of 3 embryos

The Spanish legislation permits the transfer of a maximum of 3 embryos to a woman in assisted reproductive treatment. The doctor could recommend the transfer of up to three embryos in women over the age of forty who use their own eggs, since the risk of a multiple birth is extremely low.

Chances of getting pregnant

The probability of getting pregnant after assisted reproductive treatment depend not only on the number of embryos transferred, but on the quality of the woman’s eggs, which is directly related to her age.

“At all events”, concludes Dr. López, “after examining the woman’s history, the doctor will recommend the number of embryos to be transferred, depending on each case”. If there is no medical contraindication for twin gestation, the mother-to-be and her partner (if she has one) will decide whether one or two embryos should be transferred.

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  • peter

    I am interested in your ivf or I do I get my wife pregnant?

    • EUGIN

      Dear Peter,
      Thank you for getting in touch with us.
      In principle, it is generally recommended to consult a specialist doctor in assisted reproduction when you have been having sex for more than a year without getting pregnant so your case could still be considered as within the “normal” range.
      However it would be advisable for a basic fertility study to be performed on both of you in order to know if there is a problem that is making it harder to get pregnant.

      All the information can be found on our website, specifically in the section dedicated to this treatment:

      We are at your disposal to help you and give you all the information you need about the assisted reproduction treatment that best suits your situation and that can offer you the greatest chances of getting pregnant.
      If you wish, you can also contact our patient care team by telephone (+34) 93 322 11 22 or via our website: http: // contact-us /.
      We will be delighted to help you.

      Kind regards from the Eugin team

  • Luz Miranda

    What’s the cost for this treatment?

    • EUGIN

      Hi Luz,
      Thank you very much for contacting us. In order to inform you about the price of an assisted reproduction treatment, we would need to know some details about your personal situation or your medical record in order to provide you with information on the most suitable treatment for your case.

      For your information, our prices are always fixed, and in all of them the price from the first visit until the end of treatment is always included. The only cost we cannot include is the price of
      the previous medical tests because they depend on the medical history of each patient and because there is a possibility that you do them in your place of residence and you can bring the results straight to us. And we cannot include the cost of medication either because it also tends to vary in each case.

      In any event, on the day of the first visit the doctor will assess with you the treatment that can offer the best chances of pregnancy and once the decision is made, we will be able to confirm
      both the treatment and price.

      As a rough guide and without knowing the details of your medical history, we can inform you that, as of now, the price of an artificial insemination treatment using your partner’s sperm is
      € 1,140 and in the case of in vitro fertilization treatment with your own eggs and sperm from your partner, the price would be € 4,330. Should it be necessary to resort to donor eggs or sperm, these prices would be different.

      Do not hesitate to write to us again if you need more information about any of these treatments or if we can provide the price of a particular treatment.

      If you wish, you can also use our online pre-diagnosis by means of which you will get all this information free of charge and with no strings attached, by following these simple steps:

      Or if you prefer, you can call us on (+34) 93 322 11 22 and our patient care team will return the call straightaway and clear up all your doubts in a more personal way, or you can send us a message through our website: We will be happy to assist you!

      Greetings from the Eugin team and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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